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Project Ideas

From the New York Maker Faire

These projects were inspired by people I’ve met in my travels. I’m working on turning them into kits with instructions.

This duct tape purse was inspired by Claire at the New York Maker Faire. She snuck into my booth as I was getting ready and set down her stash of coins. I gave her a ziploc bag and some duct tape to make a nifty little purse! I’ve added a little LED bling to the purse shown here.


Some of the kids at the Maker Faire demonstrated just how bright these LED’s can glow. That made me think of a DIY flashlight. I gave it a little personality with some duct tape and added a “squeeze” on/off switch.


Disco Dot Purse Kit

Duct Tape Flashlight Kit

Duct Tape Flashlight Kit